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ToT's 'Medieval Royalty' by Woody-Lindsey-Film ToT's 'Medieval Royalty' by Woody-Lindsey-Film
This one is Called "Medieval Royalty"

Teller Of Tales "Modern Day GRIMM Fairy Tale"
A Fib Fit For A King

Doug Jones will play the Jester: [link]

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Character Illustrations by :iconjade28: Jade28.
Character Poster by: :iconwoody-lindsey-film: Woody Lindsey

Click Here For The Official "Teller Of Tales" Website!

You can Download the Script and Or Check out the Storyboards by :iconjade28:

Or, If you don't want to leave DA you can at least check out the other Character Movie Posters below!

Now, for HOW and the CREDIT!

I've really been trying to keep the Realism with this work because I want this short to be shot like that Fantasy like "Merlin" type film. Basically, "Real people in fantastic beauty..." Like that of "Willow" "Legend" or Labyrinth" etc...

It's going to be a wonderful film!

I've worked over and over with the Font, Shadow, and Color of the layers of Typography, and I'm pretty happy with this one!

I originally imagined a dark castle that is so wonderfully pretty inside... "Don't judge a book by it's cover" sorta thing for the art direction of the film and I plan on releasing it on Easter as it is a short about a fable around a Jester like Rabbit and "The Moral Of All Sins Should Be Forgiven", so the stock photo and color is perfect! At least for me it is! I'll let you critique it and I'll simply enjoy the words and the Title for now!

I hope that everyone enjoys and will one day become a fan of...

Teller of Tales
"Modern Day Grimm-like Fairy Tale"
A Fib Fit For A King

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Chicago Film Director :iconwoody-lindsey-film: Woody Lindsey

All rights are retained by Play To Win Productions.


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February 25, 2011
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